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The BlueCard program

BlueCard® links participating healthcare providers and the independent Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the country through a single electronic network for professional outpatient and inpatient claims processing and reimbursement. The program allows participating Blue Cross and Blue Shield providers in every state to submit claims to their local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan for members enrolled with another Blue Plan or affiliated company such as BlueAdvantage, which is affiliated with Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Through the BlueCard program, out of state providers can submit claims for BlueAdvantage members they are treating directly to BlueAdvantage electronically through their local Blue Plan. If you are an Arkansas provider, BlueAdvantage is your sole necessary contact for claims submissions, payments, adjustments, services and inquiries.

Contact information

BlueAdvantage: 800-843-1329

Or visit the National Doctor and Hospital Finder

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What services and products are covered under BlueCard?

BlueCard applies to inpatient, outpatient and professional services. BlueCard does not yet apply to the following:

  • Dental and prescription drugs;
  • Vision and hearing;
  • Medicare Primary and HA is secondary (for example for an ARBenefitsPlan member with Medicare Primary, the provider must file the claims with Medicare).

How do I identify BlueCard members?

When members from other Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans arrive at your office or facility, be sure to ask them for their current membership ID card. The two main identifiers for BlueCard members are the prefix for BlueAdvantage, which is XCH for example and the "suitcase" logo.

What is a prefix?

The three-character prefix at the beginning of the member's identification number is the key element used to identify and correctly route out-of-area BlueCard claims. The prefix identifies the Plan or national account to which the member belongs.

How do I find out about the member's eligibility?

Call 800-676-BLUE (2583). With the member's most current ID card in hand, you can check available membership and coverage information by calling BlueCard Eligibility® at 800-676-BLUE (2583). An operator will ask you for the prefix on the member's ID card and will connect you to the appropriate membership and coverage unit at BlueAdvantage.

What about utilization review (precertification / preauthorization)?

Providers should remind patients from BlueAdvantage that they are responsible for obtaining precertification or preauthorization for coverage of their services. You also may choose to contact BlueAdvantage on behalf of the member. If you choose to do so, refer to the precertification or preauthorization phone number on the back of the member's ID card.

The BlueAdvantage Coverage Policy is available on the Provider page of this website.

Where and how do I submit BlueCard claims?

If you are an Arkansas provider or contract with BlueAdvantage and are located in a contiguous area, always submit BlueCard claims electronically through Availity or mail to BlueAdvantage, P.O. Box 2181, Little Rock, AR 72203-2181.

Be sure to include the member's complete ID number when you submit the claim. The complete ID number includes the three-character prefix. Do not make up prefixes. Incorrect or missing prefixes and member identification numbers delay claims processing.

After BlueAdvantage receives a claim, it will electronically route the claim to the member's Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. The member's Plan then processes the claim and approves payment or provides an explanation why a service is not covered, and BlueAdvantage will remit payment based on the applicable fee schedule, and the member's benefits from the other Blue Plan or provide information as to why the service was not eligible.

The claim submission process for international Blue Cross and Blue Shield members is the same as for domestic Blue Cross and Blue Shield members.

How do indirect, support or remote providers file BlueCard claims?

If you are a healthcare provider who offers products, materials, informational reports and remote analyses or services and are not present in the same physical location as a patient, you are considered an indirect, support or remote provider. Examples include, but are not limited to, prosthesis manufacturers, durable medical equipment suppliers, independent or chain laboratories or telemedicine providers.

If you are an indirect provider for members from multiple Blue Plans, follow these claim-filing rules:

  • If you have a contract with the member's Plan, file with that Plan;
  • If you normally send claims to the direct provider of care, follow normal procedures;
  • If you do not normally send claims to the direct provider of care and you do not have a contract with the member's Plan, file with your local Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan.

Whom do I call about claims status, adjusting BlueCard claims and resolving other issues?

BlueAdvantage: 800-843-1329 or contact your nearest office location.

How do I handle calls from members and others regarding claims status or payment?

If a member contacts you, tell the member to contact BlueAdvantage. Refer them to the front or back of their ID card for a customer-service number.

Special note:

Please note that BlueAdvantage does not share ownership or governance with any other Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan; BlueAdvantage is an entirely independent, separate for-profit company, organized in the State of Arkansas and owned by its shareholders. The only association between BlueAdvantage and other Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans is that each separate company has been licensed by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to use the registered "Cross" and "Shield" service marks in their separate business operations.

The BlueCard Program is a cooperative effort among these separate, independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association but it does not in any way obligate BlueAdvantage to fund any benefits or become liable for any activities or omissions of any other Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plan. If you dispute the coverage or payment determination of another Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan, you must pursue appeals or other legal remedies with the applicable Blue Cross and Blue Shield Home Plan, not with BlueAdvantage.