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An overview of BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas

BlueAdvantage Administrators of Arkansas is Arkansas' largest third-party administrator, administering employer health-plan benefits for more than 1 million members. As an operating division of Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, BlueAdvantage provides customized, high-quality health benefits administration and related outsourcing services to self-funded groups. BlueAdvantage is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Arkansas Blue Cross first began administering benefits for self-funded health plans in 1975. In 1988, BlueAdvantage was established to specialize in providing this service. Our customers range from small employers with a single location to national employers with multiple work sites located across the country.

Our services

BlueAdvantage offers a number of services that can be adapted to meet the unique needs of our customers. We administer a variety of self-funded health plans, including preferred provider organizations (PPOs), employer provider organizations (EPOs) and indemnity, and point-of-service (POS), and consumer-directed health plan designs. All administrative services are integrated to reduce hassles for our customers and streamline service delivery. With a firm commitment to quality, we work hard to provide these services accurately and timely.

Services include:

  • Automated claims processing system with extensive utilization review editing
  • Subrogation and COB
  • Compliance support
  • Plan design consulting and analysis
  • Plan document preparation and support
  • Claims experience analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Customer service and employee support staff
  • Healthcare network analysis
  • ID cards
  • Excess loss coverage design, placement & claims coordination
  • In-house underwriting and actuarial resources
  • Value-added support services
  • Remote system access for our customers
  • State-of-the-art drug card programs
  • Utilization management and coverage policy
  • Eligibility maintenance
  • Client-specific claims, customer service, eligibility and benefits teams

Major advantages

National BlueCard ® Program

Through its affiliation with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield, BlueAdvantage offers its customers access to the National BlueCard Program. The BlueCard Program consists of a national network of healthcare providers that have agreed to accept Blue Cross and Blue Shield allowed charges and not hold the patients responsible for the difference between these allowed charges and the amount the provider normally bills for a service. Patients are responsible for any deductible, coinsurance and non-covered services. The BlueCard Program is ideal for groups with employees in multiple states.

True Blue or FirstSource ® PPO Networks

Customers of BlueAdvantage may choose either the True Blue or Arkansas' FirstSource Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) networks. The True Blue PPO is open to any doctor or hospital in Arkansas meeting the standards established by the network and is the state’s largest PPO. Both networks are generally recognized (including by Excess Loss Carriers) as bringing unparalleled value and savings to customers.

Access only

BlueAdvantage may not be your employer's third-party claim administrator. However, your employer may access the True Blue PPO network. By payment of a monthly fee, employers can lease access, thereby enjoying the benefit of discounted medical services.