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Whether you know exactly which doctor you want to see or need a little help choosing one, you can search your network for quality care at the most affordable cost.


Dental benefits

Most of us are interested in saving money. When you know the details of your dental benefits — and how to use them — you're likely to pay less money out of pocket.

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield Select PPO Plus Network
Annual Deductible$50 per person ($100 maximum per family)
Annual Maximum Benefits$1,500 per person/ $1,750 (effective 7/1/20)
Preventive Care – Cleanings, Exams, X-Rays100% covered
Basic Care – Fillings, Extractions, Root CanalsYou pay 20%
Major Care – Crowns, Bridges, Partials, ImplantsYou pay 50%

Dental Xtra

Research shows good dental health can dramatically improve your total health. That's why Arkansas Blue Cross offers extra dental benefits to members with diabetes, oral, neck and head cancers, Sjögren's syndrome, cardiovascular disease, stroke or if they're pregnant. And these extra benefits (cleanings, maintenance, screenings, scalings and fluoride treatments) are covered at 100 percent when you see an in-network dentist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your dental plan features the largest dental network in Arkansas — including more than 90 percent of all licensed dentists in the state — with access to a broad national network. You may visit any in-network dentist in the Find a Dentist search found on the UAS dental site; however a dentist listed as part of the Select PPO network will result in greater savings for you.

New treatment plan

Your orthodontic benefit allows you to pay your share of the cost in monthly installments instead of one large sum. Your orthodontist will submit a claim with the total cost, length and start date. The initial down payment will be $500 — you’ll pay $250. Remember, the plan has a $2,000 lifetime maximum, and benefits are paid at 50 percent (lifetime max is the total amount the dental plan will pay for orthodontic care).

The remaining balance will be divided by the number of months left in the treatment. You’ll pay 50 percent of each monthly payment until the $2,000 lifetime max is reached. After that, you’ll make the monthly payment in full.

If no more than $750 claim dollars are paid in a calendar year, your calendar-year maximum for the next year will increase by $375 to a maximum of $1,500. You can stockpile $1,500 total rollover dollars.

Yes, your plan includes Dental Xtra. The Dental Xtra program provides at-risk University of Arkansas System members with additional dental benefits when using an in-network dentist.

Dental Xtra provides two additional cleanings covered per year (a total of four) for members with one of the following qualifying conditions: diabetes, coronary artery disease, oral cancer, Sjogren’s syndrome, stroke or pregnancy. Dental Xtra benefits may not be combined by members with more than one condition.

To register for these additional benefits, select the “Enroll Now” button in the Dental Xtra section. You’ll receive a letter telling you about the additional dental benefits you’re eligible to receive.

To file an out-of-network dental claim, please complete the Dental Claim Form [pdf] once services have been rendered. Along with your completed dental claim form, you should attach a copy of your detailed invoice from your dental provider and any other supporting documents. Once you have all your documentation, you can mail to:

Dental Claim Administrator
P.O. Box 69436
Harrisburg, PA 17106

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